Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We were invited by Jacquie and Mark to go out to Sommerville for some jet ski fun on the lake today! It was a perfect day and Jackson had a blast!! He loved falling in the water and splashing, digging in the dirt, and most of all...his first JET SKI RIDE!!! Daddy took him out in Emma's pink life jacket (we had to be safe!!). He had a blast! Check out the videos at the end! We had a blast with the O'Connor Clan! Thanks for the great day! Pete's workout for the day with Katy, Mandy, and Emma! It's the Mexican Jet Ski! Jackson didn't want to get off the dang thing!! Big Pimpin'! The "jotos"! Fun digging!

Jackson's New Summer Toy!

Jackson is hitting the stage where "soutside" (outside) is the only place he wants to play. So we keep going outside, but there's nothing to do. So...of course...that meant it was time for mommy to find the perfect outdoor toys! My good friend Miranda has this water table that Jackson got to play with...he ended up entertained for hours. At that point I knew...a sand and water table! So that was toy #1. He loves putting all the sand in the water. My favorite part is the umbrella so he doesn't get too hot! I was searching craig's list later and found the swing set I had been wanting for Jackson. It was in GREAT shape and I got it right away!! He loves his new slide and I will even be able to put the baby swing up for Zachary when he gets here!! Pete and I have a lot of fun ideas to "kid" out our backyard!! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend!

The whole family came into town for Memorial Weekend!! We had a blast!! With so many pictures that were great, I think I will let them tell the story. I miss my family already...Jackson definitely does!!! I can't wait to see everyone again! Love you guys! Enjoy the pictures!

Me and my Grandma!

Jackson and GG!

Me and my Mama!!

The Birthday Bunch!! We were actually able to have a little birthday fun for everyone!

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Terry chillin' by the pool!

Me and Mike!

Jackson spying on Auntie Meredith!

Sneaking up on Uncle Kyle!

He loves his Daddy time! He had so much fun in the pool with his Dad!

Uncle Richie and Jackson with the lobster float! So fitting for a lobsterman!

High five Uncle Kyle!

Party time catching up with the guys!

Fun times with Great Auntie Ann! She and GG seemed to get more kisses in a few days than I have in a year and a half from Jackson!!!

Beating Papa up with GG's walker!!! Jackson thought that was the funniest thing ever!

Great Auntie Patty saving Jackson from a tumble!

Jackson and GG having some walker fun!

Jackson ramming another Auntie with the walker...still the funniest thing ever!

Going in for the kiss...he loves his GG!


Don't ask...too much alcohol makes our family do strange things!

Grandma scores again!!!

Non-stop play all weekend!

The proud chef! Gotta love lobster straight from the island...never tasted better!

I love you, Richie!! I had to put it was too awesome!!

Jackson has about had it for the night...he can only run so much!

My cute little turkey!

Grandma and her 5 girls!

Grandma and her grandkids!

What did she get herself into!!? We love her too much!!

Richie and the lobster!

Kyle and the lobster!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

FOOD!!!!!! I get made fun of often for my crazy, obnoxious, excitement over Jackson food. I had another "exciting" day yesterday! I went to HEB just to see if they would have a different section from all the other grocery stores. Sure enough...I found the gluten free section! There are companies that make nothing but snacks and foods without ALL of the allergens Jackson has!!! That means no eggs, wheat, milk, soy, or peanuts!!! We got 6 different kids of cookies, pancake mix, muffin mix, pizza crust mix, snack bars, breakfast bars, and granola snack mix!!! While these things seems so typical...Jackson hasn't had a cookie in over a year and has never had a breakfast bar or snack bar! We ate pancakes with honey for breakfast...he loved it...and my egg substitute actually worked with the mix!! Most of the time, the egg substitute screws up the batter!! So...needless to say...I'm still on cloud nine because my little man has some variety again!!! I'm so thankful!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend...WOW!!

What an amazing mother's day weekend! Pete suprised me on Friday with...yes...a new SUV!!!!! He got me a Nissan Pathfinder...just what I have been wanting! I have enjoyed driving all over this weekend. Pete's been glad because I actually offer to go and run all the errands! Jackson and Zachary will fit in the back now comfortably! Plus, we have the extra 3rd row seating too!! Lito came to visit for a night and spent some time with Jackson. He had a blast learning new words and learning how to squirt his first water gun! He was all smiles! On Sunday, we went to my parents house for a day in the pool and a little BBQ! It was so fun...and then mom brought me a present for mother's day...a COACH purse!!! AGGHHH!!

I don't know what I did to deserve such an amazing family! It was an unforgetable weekend! Enjoy the pictures!

My new MOM Mobile!

Watch out...I can carry a soccer team now!

Oh yes...I got my first COACH from Mom and Dad!!!

Lito came to visit Jackson! He had a blast!

My own personal pool boy!

Pu-lease, I am a big boy now...back up out of my new chair! Psshht! (yes, my son is getting more attitude than I know what to do with!)


Daddy and Jackson!

Not a big fan of the life vest...but necessary when you enjoy walking into the pool!

Mommy and her little man!