Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu!

So...I actually started to get kinda freaked out about it. Of course...research freak kicked in and I realized again that the media is out of control. All they ever talk about are the deaths and leave out details...not to mention the use of words like "pandemic" to get people flipping. Swine flu is no different then the regular flu that kills the same amount of people. The young, old, and immune suppressed are more at risk...just like regular flu. The only difference here is that humans have not been given the flu shot to protect against it and people haven't had it before which means they don't have antibodies. As long as we take the same precautions we do for regular flu...monitor symptoms, drink fluids, and go to the doctor if it worsens...we're FINE! Yes...more people will probably get it because there is a lack of immunity...but the symptoms are the same. Okay...sorry...had to get that out because we have had meetings at school, never ending news coverage, and freaked out kids and parents. The media needs to learn how to appropriately notify the public about these situations. I sware they just get bored!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jackson's First Beach Visit!

My best friend Erin came into town again and we took the boys to Galveston. They both got to experience the whole "beach" thing for the first time! They had a great time and we got some cute pictures and video! Enjoy!!

He loved the "birds"! Handsome man, Landon! Mama and Jackson! Me and Erin! Such a ham! I forgot his clothes in the shower room after a FREEZING wash down. He had Pete's shirt on! BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!! :) Buddies forever! Video of his first meeting with the ocean!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fresh Cut!!

Jackson got another haircut yesterday. He was such a ham! We have had a lot of trouble the last few times because of some flip outs in the chair! I decided to try a new place and get my hair cut as well. The lady that cut his hair was great with him and decided to give him her squirt bottle while she did my hair. Of course, I couldn't resist squirting him in the face. Most kids would cry...but Jackson thought it was the funniest thing in the world! He learned how to use the bottle quickly and started squirting himself over and over again and laughing. The entire place was laughing and watching him because he was so funny! I took the opportunity to wet his hair down while he was laughing and the hair dresser moved straight to him and started cutting with no stops in between. He was fine the whole time! She even let him touch the buzzer so he wouldn't be scared of it and he was laughing everytime she touched him because it tickled. Finally...a good experience (besides his very first cut ever...that one was amazing too). I'll be going back there!

Baby Bump Update!

Well...almost 1/2 way there! I am starting to feel little Zac move some. Not too often though. I'm sure things will pick up in the next week!

Just a little comparison! Talk about bigger the second time around!

4/15 Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was fun...but made me realize how OLD I AM!!!! I am so close to 30 now! UGGHH!! We got some friends and family together and had dinner at P.F. Chang's. We always have a good time! I got gift cards for maternity clothes and mom and dad got me some maternity shirts! I really need clothes. Not only am I getting old, I'm getting fat too! :)

The gorgeous flowers Pete sent me at work!

Me and Pete!

Mom's handsome man!

Daddy and Jackson

Uncle Michael and Jackson!

Mark, Jackie, the girls and me!

My family!

4/14 Spaghetti Gone Wrong!

Normally Jackson can get pretty nasty when he eats's one of his favorites. This particular day just went over board. He thought he was so funny being messy this way! We went straight to the tub after this one!! Gotta love him!

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone's Easter was great! We got the family together and had a little BBQ! It was fun! Jackson ate like a little piggy and enjoyed his candy (especially the PEEPS!) and his new Hot Wheels cars! His new favorite thing when we go out is the school bus. Papa took him to the grocery store with him and came back with a Little People's School Bus. Talk about a new favorite toy! Enjoy the pictures!

Checkin' out what the Easter Bunny brought!

A new sippy with a straw!!! Fun!

An egg filled with jelly beans!

Leaving Nana and Papa's after a fun day!

Uncle Michael couldn't resist playing with Jackson's toys...go figure! :)

4/10 Jackson and Landon!

My best friend, Erin, was in town a few times and I finally got to see her boys!!! Landon is 3 now and such a handsome little monster! We had so much fun! Jackson loved playing with Landon's 850 hotwheels!! After a long day of playing, the boys finally crashed out! Too cute! I miss them already.

Jackson also enjoyed his fun times with Haydon...he was 11 weeks at the time. He would put his paci back in his mouth and point to his belly button, mouth, and nose. So precious! I'll post a picture as soon as ERIN SENDS IT TO ME!!!! :)

3/20/09 Chillin' with the pooch!

I forgot to upload these pictures and they are so cute! Jackson and I went outside in the backyard and realized that dirt can be really fun! He found a hole and started throwing dirt everywhere and laughing. Izzy, of course, was there to watch him and make sure he was safe. She didn't like getting dirt in her face so she turned away from him! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lunch with Daddy!

Our little man is officially a year and half old!!! I can't believe how quickly time flies!!! Jackson is learning new things daily...especially his words! He's going to be a chatter box before I know it! AGGGHHH!!!

I have been really sick...yet again...this time with a sinus infection. I don't remember the last time I felt this bad for this long. Antibiotics don't really seem to help and there is so little I can take otherwise. Pete was letting me rest yesterday, so he took Jackson for a Daddy Day! Looks like they had a blast! My little man is so handsome! Look at how great his face has done too!!! We finally have the food allergies under control...for now! :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I uploaded a few of the better pictures of our little Zachary! Thought I would share!