Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's A........

What a great day!!!!!!!!! Pete and I went to my appointment today for my 16 week ultrasound to check on my cyst. The cyst is almost gone which is excellent news and that means no surgery is necessary! YAY! The ultrasound technician was really sweet...we went through and got to get some good looks at our new little bundle. It took her all of two seconds to tell us that we are having a.........................

We are thrilled! We have decided on the name Zachary Winters Navarrete! Yes...Jack and Zac will attack!!! I'm going to have my hands full with two wild boys soon! I can't wait! Pete is beyond excited for his second son...that is one proud Daddy! I will post the ultrasound pictures soon. I have yet to upload them at mom and dad's house!

By the way...CONGRATS to Miranda and Jason on a gorgeous little girl!! Can't wait for one of my boys to date her!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kaleigh!

A couple of weeks ago was Jackson's good friend Kaleigh's birthday party! I can't believe she is already 3!!! She's such a gorgeous little girl...and she takes excellent care of Jackson at daycare! One of the greatest kids ever! Happy Birthday!

The happiest birthday girl ever!!!

Kaleigh and Jackson! We tried like 5 times to get them to both look and smile...virtually impossible!

Jackson was really excited about crawling through balloons!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Boys!!

Thought these pictures were priceless! My boys cleaning for Mommy!! Jackson is great! We have seen such huge improvements in his skin since we took him off formula and put him on rice milk. He recently got his routine shots and I guess they were in egg medium or something because his face broke out horribly for the first time in a long time. On a positive's clearing up SOOOOOO much faster than it ever used to! Enjoy...

Just an update on the ol' belly!! Coming up on 14 weeks. We had an ultrasound about a week and half ago. Looks good! The tech was really nice...she knew I wasn't worried either way about what I was having so we tried to see!!! One way told us girl, another way told us boy. So...conclusion...we are having a boy or a girl!!!!! Good to know! It was just fun seeing my little baby! I have another ultrasound on the 31st...I'll be 15 weeks, so the hope is we can find out then!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family Trip to the ZOO!!!

Pete decided to surprise us with a trip to the zoo today! I was really excited because I thought Jackson would be much more receptive...he TOTALLY was!! We watched him run around with his "asthmatic" laugh. It was hillarious! (No...he doesn't have asthma...he does the donkey (heehaw) laugh and it's just so funny!) We had a great day. I included a video of him playing on a piano thing...he actually pushed a big kid out of the way to play with it! He really liked the fish too! Such a big boy already! Enjoy...

I want that camera!!! Getting ready to leave! Such a big man! Laying an egg! Keeping his egg warm! Lovin' the zoo! Not too sure about the whole goat thing! EYE!!!!! He loves to say that word! Fun on the zoo slide! Fun! Fun! Fun! He loved the piano thing!

The Baby Bump!

They weren't kidding when they said you show faster with your second kiddo! Thought I would share the current belly pics! Things are great...can't complain. We have another ultrasound coming up this I will share more about the pregnancy then! Enjoy!