Friday, November 28, 2008


My Little Turkey did not feel so great for Thanksgiving this year. He pretty much slept ALL day long. He did wake up for dinner though and finally ate something before he went back down. I got the camera out for a few smiles after he finished his food...then he went back to bed. (He's still sleeping now too!) Poor baby. We had a fun Thanksgiving, as it always is at my parents house. We spent our holiday with Pete's family, my family, my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Terry and some family friends Randy and Frances. It's always great to see everyone again...especially with the amazing food my parents put together!! I made Jackson some special potatoes to go with his ham for dinner. (Turkey has butter in it as well as most of the foods we LOVE!) It went well though...he is such a good boy. He is not feeling well at all and he is still such a well behaved little toot! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families! Hope it was great!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jackson's First X-Rays

Poor little man! He never gets sick, but when he does, there is no joking around about it. He has been coughing for about week...but not bad. He had no fever, still eating, drinking, and sleeping just fine. I attributed it to the insane weather changes that make us all so sick. Well, last night at mom and dad's he just started getting really lethargic and his temperature rose to almost 102 (and that was under the arm where I could barely get him to sit still). We gave him motrin and I went to take him home. Mommy instinct on the way home said to just take him to the emergency clinic so he isn't miserable tomorrow when no one is open. The doctors and staff there were amazing! The doctor that saw him wanted to make sure that the weazing he heard wasn't anything more, so he asked for a chest x-ray. Turns out, he was actually concerned about the very early beginnings of pneumonia that showed up on the x-ray!! Luckily we caught everything before it was an issue. We went and picked up his medicine last night so he would have a jump start on today. Jackson is a matter of fact, it is 10:15am right now and he is STILL sleeping!!! (yes, I have checked on him about a million times already!) :) I'll post again later with Thanksgiving pics! Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A November Update!

Nothing too new is really happening around here...but I thought I would update with some of Jackson's funny moments! It's gotten "chilly" a few times so I ran with it and had to put on his adorable little hat! I was shocked that he didn't pull it off! Over the last few days he has also figured out that he can climb. He can make it up on the rocking chair and as soon as he gets up there it's all grins and giggles. He LOVES it! We're still working on how to get down the right way though. On a not so funny note, Jackson's allergist called us the other night with his recent lab work. Looks like he is far more allergic to milk and peanuts than he was before. Unfortunately, he has also shown a new allergy to egg and soy. This basically cuts out ALL food for him. I'm not sure what to do really...we are supposed to go see a dietician to help with food, but he has had things with soy and egg in it and been perfectly fine for months before this test. I would hate to ignore what's been said and something happen though. Right now we are cutting way back on egg and soy. If it has more than 2% in the ingrediants we don't give it to him. His face seems to be much better that tells me maybe we are on the right track! Back to our cuteness, Jackson is learning how to repeat words now, so I assume the chatter box stage isn't far off. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and friends. I'll post more then! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This was Jackson's first year to actually dress up for Halloween and.....
HE HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!! He was a puppy for about an hour until he insisted that his costume come off! He was tired after a fun week at daycare! We went to our friends Liz and Colin's house. Jackson got to hang out with his buddy Xander and Conner (Andee and Mark's little boy). I was a little shocked at the small number of kids that were out and about. I'm almost thinking Halloween parties may be the way to go. Maybe next year we will rent a jumpy and get the kids together for a party!