Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 Weeks!

I can't believe our little Zachary is already 5 weeks!  Time is flying by!!  Jackson is a great big brother.  Jackson and Zachary spent a week together and it seemed to help our terrible two fits a bit!  I have to go back to work on Friday (2 days away!)  I already miss my boys!!

Sleeping in with my little man!

Daddy and his boys!

Sweet Baby!

Beginning of smiles!!!

So handsome!

I just love his little face!

4 Weeks!

Still having a blast!  We love our boys...they are so fun!  Here's some updated pictures...Zachary is 4 weeks here and Jackson is 24 months!

Mama and her boys!!!

My handsome little men in their new Jammies from Crystal!

They are going to be best friends!!

My precious little Zac!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dewberry Farm!

Jackie and Bella came to town and we got to hang out with them!! We decided to go to Dewberry Farm and check it out. Little did I had been advertised on Goodmorning America the day before so it was PACKED! We didn't get many pictures because of it. We'll have to go back again sometime! Jackson loves Bella...he talked about her all day long! She's such a pretty girl!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 Weeks!

Zachary is 3 weeks this week. We are having a blast with our boys! Enjoy the pics!

Daddy and Zac!

Mommy and Zac!

Such a cutie!

What are you lookin' at Dad??!!

The next two are Zachary turning from his belly to his back already!! He has done this a few more times since without the pillow too!!

My pookie!

My amazing boys!! Jackson is such a ham!

2 Weeks of Fun!!

Zachary is 2 weeks old here and we are having fun in the Navarrete house! Jackson still loves his little brother...he calls him "Baby Zac" or "Zachy" now. He's such a big helper. Still a big attention seeker right now...we are slowly but surely working our way through the terrible two's with a new baby brother to add to the mix!
Trying on Daddy's shoes!!

Helping Mommy by doing the dishes after we made pudding!!

Making our awesome chocolate pudding!!

Such a little smooshy baby!

Bruiser showing his new baby some love!

Mommy and Zachary!

The BOOys!! :)

"Crystals," as Jackson calls her, got the boys some Halloween cuteness!! Thought I would share how cute the boys are! Zachary is two weeks here! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jackson's Birthday (Sunday, October 4th)

We spent Jackson's actual birthday together at home. We stayed in jamies all day and played with tons of toys!! Jackson got truck pancakes for breakfast after he woke up at 10:30am!! WOW! It was a great day!

I could not stop laughing! He took my bottles for the breast pump and did just what mommy does all around the house. It was too funny!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackson!!

Here are a bunch of pictures from Jackson's birthday!! He had such a great time running with the girls and playing with his friends! His "happy cake" was a hit and so was his ice cream...chocolate and vanilla for the big day!! :) Thank you to all of our friends and family for celebrating with us on Saturday! The jumpy was a hit...wish the kids could have spent more time in it. Dang the rain!! They had a blast playing with all the toys inside though! Thanks again to everyone for all the great gifts and fun!

I know this one is a little bit long, but he was so adorable and I knew some of you would love to see Jackson in action on his drums!!