Sunday, March 28, 2010

Splash, Smack, Yum!

The boys are growing up so fast! Zachary is 26 weeks and Jackson is 29 months. There are still so many firsts happening everyday! It just so happens...mommy loves the camera!! :) Enjoy!

Zachary refuses to lay down in his we now sit up!! Once we started this, he learned what splashing was!! TOO CUTE! See the video below!

Jackson's favorite thing to with his cars!!

Zachary LOVES digging in buckets...this is new as of this week!

Mama's handsome little man!

While many people may find this crazy...this is Jackson's first time eating Taco Hell! With his food allergies, we don't get many fun foods. I did some research and he can have the kids taco as long as it is fresco! He can also have those deliciously bad cinnamon twists!!

Zachary discovered splashing!!

Zachary's first round on the drums!

Jackson attempting to be a singer...he's got lots of talent!

Jackson is such a natural drummer! He loves it!

Growing Up!! someday the kids will kill me for posting this...but they are too cute! Have to share!

Jackson is officially potty trained! (29 months)
Little man is almost crawling!! (6 months)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18 Discovery Green Day!

There is a park downtown called Discovery Green. The whole park is "green" or energy efficient in tons of ways and it's also "money" efficient for me because it's free! They offer different kid activities everyday and have a big playground, water feature the kids can run through, and tons of other stuff. Mommy's favorite part is the clean bathroom!!! Today we went for Opera Storytime! Two ladies from the Houston Opera read a story called, "The Opera Cat" and they sang for the kids! It was very interactive and when the story was done, they taught the kids about tempo and keys...Jackson loved the singing and clapping part! After the story we went and played! Busy and tiring day...just what I was going for!! The boys had a blast!

This is just a picture of the part of the park.
One of the water features...the other 2 features are the kind that shoot up from the ground.
This is the ginormous playground...the ground is all padded too!
Zachary waiting for the story!

Jackson waiting for the story...eating lunch on the run!
Literally...on the run...couldn't keep him still...but I didn't try! :)
Such a cutie...he was focused on the grass that he kept grabbing handfuls of!

Still running...
This was the beginning of the story...he was up on stage...not so much paying attention though. (He's in the blue shirt infront of giant backpack kid)
He listened to the story while playing cars on the wall!
All the kids got a free flute for participating. Imagine 2 daycares and tons of other kids all tooting their flutes!! WOW!!! It was fun though...Jackson loved this part!
Now it's off to play...can't keep this kid away from was cold water too!
Didn't stop him though!
He was annoyed by his wet pants!
So...he headed to the part to dry them off!

This was some cool jumpy net thing...he LOVED this!
What's the deal with my kid and poles! Thank God he's not a girl!! :)
Peek-a-boo! Mommy's sweet boy enjoying the ride!
Could only keep him away from the water for so long...shirt had to come off!
What a tough man!
I love this picture. He was constantly looking I got down to his level and looked up...
This is what he was seeing!

Such a neat park! I really like it there...I think we will be spending quite a bit of time down there this summer!

This is just a quick video of the water monkey! He's too much!

3/17 Zoo Day!

I decided this spring break was going to be fun for the kiddos! The weather was so gorgeous that I really wanted to get them what better (or worse) idea...let's go to the zoo!! It was ridiculously crowded, but we still had a blast and Jackson was worn out!!!

My monsters waiting to leave!

What a gorgeous little man!

He loves looking at the animals!

Smiles Davis!! :)

I love Texas!

Jackson flirting...but she was a real brat...this is her pushing him! (don't know her)
My pole dancer!

Very first taste of cotton candy...

And...HE LIKES IT!!!!!! (Duh!)

Just chillin' like a good boy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/15 Rodeo Day!!

We went to the Houston Rodeo Carnival with some friends and the kids had a blast! I really had fun watching Jackson have so much fun. We were all talking about how the boys have passed another stage in their lives where they don't need us! We thought for sure we would have to go on the rides with them...but nope...they wanted to go alone! So grown up!! We had a blast...enjoy the pictures and videos! It was hard to choose what to post! :)

Zachary got to spend the day with his Nina! He had tons of fun getting all that attention and he wore the cutest shoes from his Auntie Crystals!
Jackson and Xander before their first train ride!
They were so excited! Jackson was paying close attention to everything and talking about the "chugga chugga choo choo!" the whole ride!
So excited! "Super fast!"
I couldn't resist this picture of the boys staring at a lamb butt!! Cracked me up!
Ms. Emily letting Jackson pet his first lamb!
He was a big fan of the animals!!
Loved the cow!!
We went to the petting zoo next...he loved it!!
Every animal in there (and there were a lot) got a pat from Jackson!

And yes...he had his first pony ride!!!! FINALLY! He wasn't so sure at first...

But there was no denying how much he loved it!! This was the first ride he went on and he didn't even want me by his side! He said, "Go on, Mommy!" I had to stand outside the gate! So proud of him!
Such a natural!
Avery, Jackson, Xander, and Tristan getting their first look at birth! They loved the "birdie birdies" as Jackson calls them!

And we can't forget the beauty queen, Mykayla!! She was so good the whole time!!
Chicken Bock Bock! He just decided to sit down and chat with it!
He was having so much fun!

Double trouble!! Jackson and Xander!
This was the only time I could catch him for a picture!
Look at how grown up they are...all four of them and no mommy's needed!!
Fun times!!
The videos below are just some of the great times they all had! Hope you enjoy!!