Thursday, March 17, 2011


So...with all the craziness...I feel like I have slacked WAY too much on pics of my own boys!!  I promise to keep up with this better!!!  The picture above is of Zachary using his sign language to say "MORE!"  So...there will be MORE to come!!  I did a session just the other day with them.  I will post all of the pics I have been taking as their 1 and 3 year old shots soon!  Spring Break has been good to us!  We have been busy busy busy going to museums, carnivals, lunches, and bouncy places!  Post again soon!!  Hope you have all enjoyed the updates!

Houston Rodeo Carnival (3-6-11)

Pete took us out to the rodeo carnival for some fun!  It was great and the always...had a blast!  They got snow cones and cotton candy...yes...again!!! :) 
They were really into the snow cone thing!!!   One of my favorite pics of them though...I don't know why...I think this one may actually have to get framed!
I love this picture of him...
Huge snow cone fan!
Biggest fan #2!!
I love his belly in this!
The many funny faces of Jackson having a blast!!!!

Monster Truck Nation (2-19-2011)

Pete's band, Critical Assembly, had music being played during the Monster Truck Nation show!  The people putting on the show were so generous and gave us pit passes, tickets, and a suite during the show!!!  The boys are still talking about it!!  The pit passes got us down on the dirt before the show to see the trucks and drivers up close.  It was such a great time and the boys LOVED it!!!
This will become a yearly event for us without question now!!
Mommy and her babies!
Didn't matter how tired...he was watching the whole time!!
Hyper and excited after a bag of cotton candy!!!
Daddy and Zachary!
Mommy and Jackson!

Happy Valentine's Day! (2-14-2011)

Happy Valentine's Day from the boys!!  They had a great time at the Valentine's parties at their schools.  I made these for their valentine's this year! 

New Year's Day!

Just a bit of outdoor New Year's Day fun!!!!  Notice all my chilly weather friends and jackets! :(  I remember this day so clearly because it reminded me of an evening in pretty out!!!!  Enjoy!
Typical goof ball!
I love this picture...he's just so sweet and froggy in it!!
He loves Zachary's police motorcycle...that's what he is riding!
Zachary's bike from Santa...mommy can push him along so easily!!  Love it!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christmas Eve and Day!

Christmas is my favorite time of year...especially now that we have kids!!!!  I love watching them have fun!  Here are just a few pics of the holidays for us!

Painting and making Santa cookies!! (Allergy free as always!)

He ate more than he actually painted!
He was so proud of his cookies!
Off to Nina and Papa's for presents on Christmas Eve!!!
Little turkey wanted to ride his presents!
Gotta love him!
Loves his new airplane!

Wouldn't be Christmas without the annual "awkward holiday photo" by Crytal and Michael!!!
Oh Lord!
On to Christmas Day!!!!

We went back over to Nina and Papa's to find the JEEP!!  WAHOO!!  Zachary got a motorcycle that goes as well!!!  Too much fun!

Zachary's Surgery! :( 12-23-2010

My poor baby had to get ear tubes and get his adenoids removed.  Too many ear infections (part of the reason I don't have as many pictures of him...he was CONSTANTLY sick!!) which led to chest infections.  He had a rough time coming out of anesthesia (worse for us I think)...but nothing a good icee can't help! 
He's so unsuspecting!  Just playing with his little toys!
And then after....poor poor baby!  He's so out of it!!!

His lips are blue from the icee...don't freak out!!!  :)  Finally asleep for the ride home.