Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day!

Christmas was wonderful this year! Jackson was not overly interested in "opening" the gifts...but once he could see what they was all over! Santa was good to him! He got quite a few fun things...he got the V-tech Baby that hooks up to the tv. We tried it out already and he seemed to enjoy it! Mommy and Daddy got a Wii Rock Band has been occupying some of the tv time! Pete and I really enjoyed some family time together too. I know Jackson did...he is his father's son! Enjoy!

Playing away!

Jackson on hyper mode!!

Taking his new bath toys to the tub already!

His new even has a fun little chair attached!

Santa brought him his own laptop so he stops breaking the keys off of ours!!

He'll scoot along for now!

Daddy teaching Jackson how to ride his new bike!

To all my are missing out if you don't get this collection of books! His Auntie Catherine and Great Aunt Eileen sent it...I LOVE IT!! (And it is AWnt...not ANT)!! :)

The popper thingy is so popular at our house!

Jackson enjoying a snack in his new PJ's and slippers at his picnic table (from his birthday)!

My little guitar hero! He is such a drummer! Enjoy the video...

Christmas Eve!

We always spend Christmas Eve at my parents house, so this year was no different. Jackson had a blast opening his gifts from the family. He was spoiled rotten as usual! He has been running wild ever since. I had to pull out a new toy chest to try and keep my house looking somewhat like a home and not a toy room!! It works though. Every holiday means so much more now that we have Jackson to share it with.

One of his favorite toys from Aunt Kathy...Bob the Builder! "Can we fix it??! Yes we can!!" **I sware I hear it in my sleep! Thanks Aunt Kathy!! He truly loves this one!** :)

Nana had to screw his head back on after such a wild night!

His first golf clubs...he went on to harass many people that night!

Uncle Mike got him a remote control car that climbs all the way up walls!!!

Yes, ladies...he loves to vacuum...hasn't stopped yet!!

I think he wants to be a chef!! He loved his new kitchen!

Jackson and Beth's first meeting! He LOVED Bethie!

He had on a blinky Wal-E shirt! So cute!

Jackson playing with his new pots and spatula!

One of the few family shots we could get Jackson to cooperate in!

Austin for the weekend...

This was the first trip to Austin that we took since Jackson has been old enough to know what is going on. We had a great time! Jackson loved riding on the baggage cart. He surprised us all when we took him to Pete's practice for a few minutes. We put him behind the kit and he went NUTS!!!!! It was awesome!!! No...I didn't get video...I tried, but I was too late! His Lita and Lito are sending him a drum kit for Christmas though...I'm sure I'll get more chances then! Enjoy!

One of my favorite pictures of Jackson and his Daddy!!

Take your drugs, Mommy!!!

Drumming with Daddy!!!

Jungle Java...coolest place EVER!

While Pete went to practice during our Austin trip, Jackson and I thought it would be fun to meet up with some old friends, Tara and Michael. Tara and I both experienced our first year of "teaching" in Manor! We got pregnant at around the same time, but both got new jobs before our babies were born. Of course, this meant that Jackson got to meet Emerson!! We went to this place up north called Jungle Java. I seriously want to open a chain's an entire indoor playground/coffee house!!! Coolest place I have ever been and in HIGH need here in Cypress!!! So...anyway...we had so much fun. Jackson had a blast playing with Emerson and I loved catching up with Tara! We'll definitely have to play again soon. Enjoy the pictures and video! (Hopefully Ms. Tara will send me some of her amazing pictures from her monster camera that I want so bad!!!) :)

He loved the nets!

Such a ham!

Jackson going up the slide...

Emerson going up the slide...seemed to be the favorite thing to do that day!

Jackson thinks he's pimping...Emerson's face tells me otherwise! :)

Blowing fart noises onto a toy!

The gorgeous Emerson and Jackson! (It's the best I could do...not easy to get those two to sit still long enough!!)

Starting the hike up the big kids playground!

Just hangin' around for a minute!


I eat punching bags for breakfast!!

This video was Jackson playing in the big kid section of Jungle Java! So fun!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus...

We really thought Jackson was not going to take to Santa this know...big creepy looking guy in a puffy red suit (and I do mean creepy looking!). He did really well though! I thought his picture with Santa came out really cute! Michael and I have been getting our picture done with Santa since we were little and we have continued the tradition for mom every year. It's fun...I actually look forward to it every year now!!!

Ride 'em cowboy!

Nana, Papa, and I took Jackson to the outlet malls yesterday. Jackson had so much fun riding all the little kid rides in the center. He loved the soon as it stopped he tried to make it go again. He loved the buttons on the Dumbo ride and the baby carousel was probably his all time favorite! I couldn't get a picture to come out clear enough on that one because it was moving too much! Fun times shopping though! We are almost done with all of our Christmas shopping...we are going to finish today as soon as Pete gets home!

Fresh Cut!

Yesterday we went to get our hair cut at Sport Clips. I figured we would go there because all they do is cut boy's hair. Well...maybe I'll have to try a new place next time. This one was not the best cut. She messed up in the back some so she shaved way too much of the back off and it looks a little funky. Thank goodness it's just'll be back by next week I'm sure! He looks cute from the front though! :)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

December 10, 2008...a day we probably won't see again for another 976 years!!! Yes, I know...those of you that actually have a "winter season" are laughing at me for this one. Those of you that live here in Houston totally get my excitement though!! I actually ended up in a meeting and didn't get to take Jackson out in the snow, but I did take pictures before I went to bed. I'm hoping maybe...just maybe...we'll get one more chance at this before our year round summer season begins again!

The Wonderful Teachings of Daddy!

I couldn't help but put this up. Pete came home from work the other day and picked Jackson up. I don't even know how it got started, but Pete made a noise and Jackson immediatley finished that noise with his own...and so the Daddy Jackson duo began. Everyday is something new lately...he says juice, all done, Mmm mmm, and shoes. He'll point at his belly button now too! He's growing up way too fast for me...but I love every second!

Deck the halls...

We got to decorate our first tree with Jackson old enough to be interested. Needless to say, I was totally excited about this mile stone! :) I just knew I was going to get that adorable picture of Jackson all interested in the As you can see...he all of a sudden developed a phobia to the lights he once loved more than any toy you could find! I did get some cute pictures of him in his new Santa hat though. He has entered the "throw everything away" phase. That same day he threw our remote in the trash...I just happened to think, "Maybe he threw it way he could have...I'll check anyway." Sure enough...remote was in the trash. Then my cell phone disappeared after the trash men had already come to take everything and I got nervous. I remembered that I had the tubs of decorations out though. I went into the garage after a day of racking my brain and found my phone at the bottom of the tub!! YAY! He is getting such a personality. I can't wait to be Mrs. Claus this year!!!! He has given every holiday a new meaning!