Friday, November 27, 2009

Hangin' With Lita and Lito!!

We have had some fun spending time with Lita and Lito over the holiday!  They got the boys some adorable shirts so we sported them on Black Friday when we went shopping for a bit!!
BIG smiles!!!

My handsome boy!

The boys! keep trying to get a good picture!

Doooh...and it's not working!

So I'll just kiss my brother!

Typical wierdos!  My boys are always making pictures impossible!  At least I'm smiling! :)

Speak no evil, hear no evil!! :) 

The boys are having a blast with all the attention from Lita and Lito!!!  I'm sure we will have more pics to follow!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We enjoyed the company of tons of family and was a great night!  We started our day at home watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and searching for my gorgeous cousing Catherine who preformed in it!!  We are so proud of her!!!!  Her group did an amazing job!!

After that, we waiting for Lita and Lito to get here and we headed over to Nina and Papa's for dinner!!

We got to Nina and Papa's and had some fun with friends and family before dinner.  I found a recipe for pumpkin pie for Jackson so he got his first pie!!  (He ended up eating too much though and he wasn't hungry for pie!!)

Drinkin' it up with the men!!

Flirting with the ladies!!

Killin' some bugs with Dad!

Crystal, Darren (Warren), and Michael (Scotty)! :)

My handsome man chillin' before dinner!

Dad, Barbara, and Thomas!

Crystal and Mom!

Typical Stoner Family Thanksgiving humor!! :)

Too cute!

The Three Muskateers!  Frances, Mom, and Randy!

Best I could do of the boys!  It's so hard when Zachary falls over still!

Lito and Jackson having some fun! (I love this picture!)

Then it was dinner time!!  Mom and Dad did an amazing job as always!  Food was great...despite my almost burning the oven down with my potatoes!  I put the marshmallows too close to the burner and they caught on fire!!!!  Thank goodness Michael noticed the "blinking" like in the oven!!!  :)

Dad carving bird!!

We managed to fit tons of people!!

After dinner was coffee, pie, and more hanging out! 

Hey Ladies...look at me!...

So dainty!

Loves from Uncle Michael!

Too handsome!

And they finally both crashed out with Lita! 


It was a great holiday!  Hope you all enjoyed the holiday and our pictures!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 Months Old!

I'm sure I will have extra pictures to put up since it's so early in the week...but I couldn't resist some of these cute ones!  I tried to get the boys dressed up and take them out to a walking trail by our house.  So...that didn't go so well, but I got a few cute ones of them.  I'll have to try again when Jackson's mood is a bit better and when Zachary isn't crashed out!!  I have one smiley 2 month old though.  He even laughs a bit now.  He's getting so big!  Jackson is such a great big brother too!  Enjoy!!

Big Smiles!!

So cute!

His brother loves him!

Such a cute sleeper!

Handsome man ready for pictures...or not!

The ONLY one I got him to smile in!

He's gorgeous!

7 Weeks Old! (11/7/09)

Zachary is 7 weeks already!  He started smiling without question this week.  I caught some of it on camera!  Gotta love him!

Handsome man!

Big Cheeser!

All bounced out!

Such a cutie!

I love that face!

And I couldn't leave out the greatest big brother in the world!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael's Annual Halloween Party!

Nina and Papa were so nice to watch the boys so Pete and I could go to Michael's Halloween Party!  They throw a big one every year and I never get to go.  (Always pregnant or something!) :)  This year it was on!  They had the house decorated really well and it was a good time! 

The front of Michael (or the back...depends on how you look at him!)

Me and Crystal!

The back of Michael (or the front....not sure!)

Darren, Me, and Michael

Me and Ross

No pants...that's all that mattered!!  :)

Crytal, Kristin, and Me!

Elementary Teacher gone bad!! :) (It's her first year as a kindergarten teacher)

The unitard retards!

Pete and Doc!