Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Claus Day!! (Zac 13 weeks)

Christmas Day was just as great! Jackson had a great time opening his presents from Santa and then we went back to Nina and Papa's to hang out for a bit.
Our tree after Santa came!

Daddy Claus putting the workbench together!

Mama Claus!

Opening presents...

Back at Nina and Papa's...

Cutest outfit ever!!

And yes...our piggie 13 week old baby has his bottom two teeth almost in now and he had to start on cereal for the first time!!

Christmas Eve at Nina and Papa's!

We did our traditional Christmas Eve at mom and dad's. It was a blast as always! Uncle Mike has most of the pictures of the boys opening presents...I'll add another update when I get them!

The gorgeous tree!
Jackson and one of his new dump trucks!
Chuck my talking truck!!
Mike and Crystal
Mom, Dad, and the boys!
The REAL Crystal and Mike!
My pimp of a son!
Mom and Dad!
Jackson and his new couch!
Daddy and Jackson!
My boys!
So handsome!
Crystal and Jackson!
Crystal and the boys!
My perfect present!
Too cute!
Me and Pete
Best shots we could get!

Decorating for Santa!

On Christmas Eve we decorated our cookies for Santa! Jackson was the best "sprinkler" around! He was definitely more interested in eating the cookies...but he held back until the end! Enjoy...

Sprinkles are fun! Shake shake shake!
Painting was fun too!
Eating sweets was much better!
Our yummy cookies!!!

Our First Christmas Sugar Cookies!!

Now that we are able to use wheat again, Jackson finally got to make his first batch of sugar cookies for Santa!!! One of his favorite things in the whole world is cooking!! This was such a fun family tradition to continue on. Enjoy the pictures!

My cheeser before we started!
My cutie patootie before we started!
Hangin' out waiting for the fun! (he loves his hanging toys now!)
And we begin...
Sifting the flour!
He wasn't so sure about a REAL egg was a bit louder than his toys!
Helping make the dough!
Yay for cooking!!!
Gotta love the flacada! (spatula in Jackson talk)
The boys using the cookie cutters!
Helping out the best way he could!
Our finished product! Allergy free sugar cookies!!
His first taste!