Friday, July 16, 2010


Jackson has finally overcome is fear of swimming...I'm not joking when I say he went from complete avoidance of the pool to this!!  I've taken him everyday since...we are so proud of him!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Florida Trip!

**Make sure you click the pictures to see them in higher quality and larger size!!**  The first of our trips this summer was to Florida to visit the boy's GREAT Grandparents!  It was a blast and the boys had so much fun with "Grama and Grampa!"  As a mom and someone that was able to spend a lot of time with my grandparents growing up...being able to share my babies with them was very exciting!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!
Grampa and Zachary
Grampa and Jackson
Grama with Zachary!
The beautiful fish tank was a big hit with the boys...especially Jackson!
My little photographer...he HATES getting pictures taken...but he sure loves to take them!  I think he went through 2 disposable cameras!!!
Grandma took us out to the Sponge Docks...which is pretty much "downtown" Tarpon Springs.  It was gorgeous!!  
Watch out...Michael and Crystal are all in love and stuff!:)
Little Man just chillin' while Grama pushes him!
These boats were right next to eachother...the St. MICHAEL and the NINA! :)
This had to be one of the neatest sponge fisherman I have seen!  He was so nice and he brought Jackson a crab claw...Jackson wasn't so sure about that!
But Grama made sure he enjoyed his new claw!
 Here is a picture I took of him working...I love it!
A little fun with some statue stuff!
Okay...I couldn't resist!!!
And in pure Stoner/Navarrete style, I give you.......MY SON!
Okay...I'll give you a cute one to bring your minds back to the normal parts of the trip!! :)
This next section is my attempt at a photo shoot of the boys and their Great Grandparents...I'm not sure who was harder to photograph!! :)  I think there are a few really good ones that capture the joy they all found in each other!  Jackson is still talking about his Grama and Grampa!
Grandma and Grandpa had a brunch scheduled for us and a beautiful restaurant...even Jackson could eat something from there.  It was an amazing buffet!!  The scenery was really pretty too!!!