Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zachary is 1!!

We can't believe our baby is already 1!!!!! We had a busy weekend and a fun family birthday party for Zachary on his actual birthday (the 19th). The big party is planned for the beginning of ready for fun pics! My goal is to get mom and dad to get in more pictures too...ENJOY!
Yay, Zachary!!
Fun with Daddy!!
Starting to walk!
Happy Man!!
Daddy and Zachary!
Mommy and Zachary!
Our Birthday Boy!!
Our Big Man!
Our Amazing Family!
Zachary's 1st Cake!!  (Mommy made and allergy free so Jackson could have fun too!)
From clean! :)
Clean up time with Mommy!
I think the sugar is getting to Jackson!
Zachary opening his presents!!  He LOVES toys!!!
Fun with the family!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Random Fun Memories!

Zachary lovin' his Nina!
Freaky...the wierdest doll EVER!  And they both loved her!
And pushed her around in the baby stroller!
Fun at the grocery store...
He hears the ocean!!!
Crash and burn on the beach! It was a cold beach nice!
Lovin' Great Grandma Nina!