Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Fun!

This year was so much fun!! Jackson totally understood the concept of "trick-or-treat" and had so much fun running with his friends to each house. My face hurt from smiling so much!!!
He was wired!!!
My little lion and his scary face! :)
Nerdy Dad with his adorable little cub!
Can't leave home without taggie!
Our Astronaut and Lion!


He wasn't acting...he really is that nerdy! :)

Hahahahahaha!  Had to post it...sorry Mark!

Dewberry Fun with Lita! (October 3rd)

Lita and I got a chance to take the boys to Dewberry Farm and it couldn't have been a better day! We had a blast!!!!
Jackson pulling Zachary in their new wagon!!!
Hand washing "trough!"
He was loving all the new things to see!
My beautiful baby boy!
Run, run, as fast as you can...
It's rare...but a few descent pics of him do exist!
That's about it...:)
The giant tube slide...he loved this thing!!!
Who could forget the pillow jumpy things...they are a blast (I speak from experience!)...and Lita couldn't quit laughing at me flop all over the place!
Zac liked watching Jackson jump!
Such a strong man!
CHEEEEEEEEESE!  Pumpkins were kind of his thing! :)
Another tough man!
I think this is where Lita was hitting me in the head to get a smile out of him!
Such a ham!
YAY!  Pumpkins!
He fell off his pumpkin and started pouting...hmmm!
Again...Lita was beating me in the head to get a smile!! :)
Too much to see!
Some Lita Love!
Walkin' out with Lita!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


After the party, we went home for more fun with presents and family! The boys stayed up until 10:30 playing non stop!!! They loved EVERYTHING!