Monday, September 28, 2009

The Boys!!

We had the boys pictures done on Sunday! Jackson got his 2 year old pictures done and Zachary is 8 days old in his!! I can't believe we have two boys!! It was a blast! Here are some of the good ones. Enjoy!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our First Week Together!

It's been an amazing first week! Jackson loves his new brother. He always says, "I'll take him!" He loves holding him and putting his paci back in. He's a great big brother. Zachary is an amazing little man. He's an excellent nurser, sleeps well, and never stops we know he's healthy!! :) He had his first doctor's appointment today. He's perfect...he's gone from 8lbs 3oz (his weight when we left the hospital) to 8lbs 11oz!! The doctor said, "Well...babies are supposed to be back to their birth weight by 2 weeks is doing GREAT!"

Holding his brother for the first time!

First bath! He was 3 days old here! Not a big fan of the whole water thing yet!

The video below was Jackson having some fun in the hospital. He did this everytime he came to visit!!

Chef Jackson!

Didn't want to leave out my big man, Jackson! This was taken the week before Zachary was born. Jackson LOVES cooking and I found a pizza crust for him. I thought it would be fun for him to get to make it himself! He absolutely loved it!! Such a big boy!

Bringing Zachary Home!!

We actually got to leave the hospital early! I delivered Saturday morning and got to go home Sunday evening. My doctor came in and said that as long as everything was fine with the baby, I was fine to go home if I wanted to. I WAS READY! It was unexpected though, so my outfit wasn't the greatest!!

More Birthday Pics!

Sorry it took so long to get these up! Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zachary Winters Navarrete!!

Our big Zac is finally here!!! Friday was a work day like any other. Everyone told me to go home and get this baby out (like we said everyday!) so I figured for sure that meant I'd be back on Monday. I got Jackson and went home to clean. At about 9pm I started having a little bit of cramping but didn't think much of it. At 10pm I was having contractions that were 10-20 minutes apart. I thought I would lay down for a bit and try to rest. That didn't work!! I was back up by 11pm telling Pete we needed to get Michael and Crystal on the way just incase. Sure contractions started moving FAST...they started coming about 30 seconds apart. Mike and Crystal got there really quickly (thanks y'all!) and we left for the hospital. Mom and Dad went to our house to explain Jackson stuff and show them where everything was and then they met us at the hopital.

When we got to the hospital I thought for sure I was going to have to wait forever to get my epidural, but the nurse triaged me so fast and checked me. I was already 4cm and my water was bulging! YAY! Off to the birthing room I went and about 20 minutes later the anasthesiologist was waiting on ME! I could not have been more thankful. After the epidural I got checked again and was already at 5cm. I was too excited to sleep, so mom and I talked while the macho men slept! My water broke on it's own about an hour later (wierd!!!) and then we were on to 6cm. The rest was just a waiting game and my little man was here at 6:09am (on his due date) after 10 minutes of pushing. It was amazing! Enjoy some of the pictures! I don't have all of them yet...Pete still has a bunch that I don't. I will upload those asap!

Are any of you surprised by this!!?? :)

Or this!!?? :)

My best buddy, the epidural!

And my other favorite...the donkey dong puke bag!

Right before the big push!! (literally...they were putting my feet in the giant leggy things here!)

And the rest is history! Here's big man! I'll have more pictures of everyone meeting him soon!