Sunday, January 24, 2010

Congrats to Megan and Nick!

Hadley Alyse has arrived! One of my besties had her first baby! She's beautiful and already taken so back off boys!!! :)

17 Weeks!

I sware he's going to be driving next week! Enjoy!

He looks like such a boy here!
His first time in his swing!

Mama's little man!
Rockin' his adorable outfit from Aunties Catherine and Eileen! Too cute!

16 Weeks!

Zachary is growing up so fast! He absolutely loves his big brother...I think that makes him want to get up and run with him! He loves toys right now...he's all about playing and talking! It helps that Jackson enjoys sharing and playing with his little bro too! Enjoy!

Handsome little man!
He loves that Elephant!
So into this!
Yummy! Zachary playing and talking!

Adventures in Jackson Land!! :)

Jackson cracks us up daily! Everyday he comes up with new songs, words, sentances, and hilarious randomness! Here are just a few of his fun times over the last few weeks!

He came up to me and said, "Mommy, looks good...colors!"
We made our first batch of homemade chocolate chip allergy free cookies and they were GREAT!
My boy and his "flacada!"
Forever cooking! This time sand!
Caught this one afternoon and thought it was too sweet!

15 Weeks!

Zachary has so many nick names already! He's such an animated kid! We have Smiley, Scratchy (he has a habit of scratching!), Lighting (hair tells it all here), Skunk (toots are not cute!), Pelo Valiente (hair again!)...I'm sure there will be more. He's such a ham!
My handsome little guy!

Future genius at work in the Apple Store!
Imagination Movers rules our house!!

Zachary 13 weeks!

This was a video of Zachary turning over from back to front...enjoy Pete's commentary!! :)

My little thug!! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!! (Zac 14 weeks)

We hope everyone had a happy and safe new year!!! Pete and I celebrated a bit differently than usual, but as you will see below...we still had fun! (No hangover this year!) We had a good 2009...we kept our jobs, we had our perfect little Zachary, we are all healthy, dad's surgery was a success, we have amazing family all around us, and we are happy!! We are looking forward to a great 2010! Enjoy a look at the last few days of 2009 for us!

Our boys!

Such a good big brother!
Zachary LOVES his big brother!
Smiley man on New Year's Eve!
Jackson was not a big fan of the fireworks! He was looking out the window here!
Us...10 years together in February!
Me and my babies!
Jackson and Daddy!
The following is the hilarious attempt at a family photo without help!!

Probably our best shot! It was fun either way!
Me and my little Zachary! (3 1/2 months here)
Mommy and Jackson!
Such a turd!
Cheesers! Wonder where he gets it!
My best friend, Erin, always tells me to just cut Jackson's hair...what's the worst that can happen...right??!! Well...with my new resolution to save money I figured..."What a way to start the year!" This was 1/1/2010! I must say...I think I missed my calling! :) It was a battle...I think it will get better as he gets used to it though. I did a dang good job!!
After...okay...maybe the picture isn't the best and he's furious...but it does look good in real life!! I sware!! :)
Happy New Year to everyone!!! Look forward to more posts in the new year!!!